What the Title holder gets

From a legal perspective the title holder is entitled to the following:

  • Incorporeal Hereditaments (Inheritable Rights of Ownership to the Title)
  • All benefit and interest (change of Passport, Driving licence, Bank Accounts & Credit Cards for example)
  • Intellectual property rights (researched material & research service provided) to the researched bygone "styled titled name or legend"
  • Use of the "styled titled name or legend" (the London Gazette notice) by Lordship Titles (Heritage Researchers).
  • All above mentioned right title and interest to the bygone Lordship of the Manor, namely the use of the styled titled name Lord of the Manor of ****** are transferred by assignment.
  • Registered Coat of Arms.
  • Lordship Cloak and Hat.
  • Lordship Chain of Office.

The following documents are provided:


Legal 'Deed of Title' and 'Title Deed of Assignment' (deed that transfers ownership of rights).

The following display documents are provided:

  • Deed of Title (A3 size)
  • Title Deed of Assignment (Deed that transfers ownership of rights) (A3 size)
  • Deed of Possession
  • Certificate
  • Copyhold Document
  • Title Guarantee (Insurance Backed) 

The documents are supplied in a leather bound Manorial Medieval 12th Century style presentation case.