Advantages of being titled

Social Status -Titled people experience a higher status of respectability and a higher class of standing in the community. Socially a Lord or Lady is a preferred person to know and be associated with, business wise a Lord or Lady command’s a status of trust, that of a gentleman, part of the establishment or aristocracy of the high classes. Lords and Ladies get invited to more social events.

Good for Business - A Title opens doors of opportunity as the Title Lord or Lady is superior in rank to Mr. or Mrs. Lords or Ladies have the reputation of good breeding, being honorable, well educated and being fair in business, the “perfect gentleman or Lady”. Everyone loves to name drop, “I know Lord and Lady of Kensington personally” or “Lord / Lady Jones is my photographer”. Companies like to have Lords and Ladies on their board because it increases the standing and image of the company. Private people and companies will want to do business with you because you are a Lord or Lady.

Financial Advantage - Banks and Financier’s credit score Lords and Ladies as low risk, as they are unlikely to default on loans due to the jeopardy of their reputation. Therefore, financially, Lords and Ladies obtain better credit facilities than Mr. and Mrs.

Service - As a Lord or Lady you will notice a better attitude bestowed on you with your new Title, generally people in service industries (Hotels, Restaurants, Travel etc…) treat Lords and Ladies with a noticeable degree of extra respect. It’s like being part of the aristocracy or a celebrity. Often our clients tell us of upgrades on airlines and large suites in Hotels just because of their new Title. As a Lord or Lady when it is necessary to complain about something people will be more helpful to you, because of your Title.

Standard of living - Once you have experienced what it is like to be a Lord or Lady, you will never look back, as the difference is a feeling of privilege and being honored. A Title is the ultimate status symbol, it says you are a V.I.P, it says CLASS.

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