For completeness, this page gives you details of our terms and conditions.

  • Due to the legal nature of the work involved,  all procedures adopted by Noble Titles must comply with the laws of England.
  • Each Manor is zero-rated for Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Currency conversion will be credited for foreign monies at the prevailing rate on the day that they are converted into sterling, and copies of the bank advice will be forwarded to the purchaser upon request. Any shortfall shall be paid on demand.
  • Payment may be made by personal UK bank cheque, or Building Society cheque, or UK Company cheque, bank transfer; and cash. Overseas cheques will not be accepted except by prior arrangements. 
  • Purchasers of Titles must not (without the permission of Noble Titles) themselves, or by any third party, copy, make use of, or establish a business selling or offering in any way shape or form, any full or part service providing Noble Titles or any other titles, as this would be an infringement the intellectual property rights of Noble Titles and its associates.
  • The purchaser(s) understand and accepts that all Titles provided by Noble Titles do not include any feudal rights, manorial, or other rights, unless clearly stated in writing, and are based on historical research of manorial, feudal, agricultural, survey maps, doomsday records, historical manuscripts, genealogical & historical data bases, recognised historical reference books, County & Public reference Offices, and archives; backed by legal notice, declarations.
  • Noble Titles guarantees that all searches, together with legal notices, revealed no other claim to the rights to the "styled titled name or legend".
  • The purchaser(s) understand and accepts that all Titles provided by Noble Titles do not include Coats of Arms.
  • The purchaser(s) understand and accept that all Titles provided by Noble Titles are "incorporeal" (property rights) allowing the use of the styled titled name Lord of the Manor of *****.
  • Form of Address
    The correct form of address is "Arthur John Smith" Lord of the Manor of ***** although the use of the title is up to the title holders themselves.
  • Whilst every effort is made by our dedicated team of researchers to ensure the validity and accuracy of all title transactions, by means of a thorough searches of all data available at the time of processing, in the extremely unlikely event that a title should be the subject of a prior claim, Noble Titles will give the purchaser a full refund, and as a gesture of goodwill (without prejudice) another title of equal status at 50% of the retail value, & free of transfer charges.
  • Noble Titles is an Agent of Heritage Titles Limited All Corespondence to, Shaw House, Pegler Way, Crawley RH11 7AF